Çerez Örnek


The Federal Republic of Germany authorities who wanted to perform a technical educational support project in Turkey, in early 1960s, started an attempt to establish a Textile Engineering High School in Izmir.


Izmir Textile Technical High School, which forms the basis of today's Textile Engineering Department, started the education on 10 September 1966 in the buildings next to the Alsancak Stadium, by the Ministry of National Education. This High School was converted to Izmir State Architecture and Engineering Academy in 1969 and was connected to Ege University in 1971. It has been Faculty of Textile in 1978. With the configuration of universities in Turkey under YOK, it has started to provide educational services as Ege University Faculty of Engineering Textile Engineering Department  in 1982.


EÜ Textile Engineering Department buildings, which were built at the Ege University Campus in accordance with the plans from Germany and opened to service in 1972, is composed of management, education and training, laboratories, Training mills and auxiliary workplaces.

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